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There are currently two airline companies operating in the Azorean airspace: SATA and TAP Portugal. Several islands work as gateways to the archipelago.

Airline Companies

Travelling Inside the Archipelago

The most comfortable and easiest way to travel inside the archipelago is by air. Every island has an airport where regular SATA flights operate. In the so-called “triangle islands,” there are also regular trips among the ports of Faial, Pico and São Jorge. In the summertime, Transmaçor extends these trips to the other islands of the Central Group (Terceira and Graciosa). During high season, Atlânticoline also provides regular trips between São Miguel and Santa Maria and from these islands to those of the Central Group. The fleet is expanded in the summertime in order to enable trips to and from every island of the archipelago.

Maritime Companies

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